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Waste Water Products


In 1973, I became the Field Salesman for Jeffrey (Dresser) Manufacturing Company. I was the last sales trainee to take part in training in Waste Water Treatment by Nick Nickolson of Jeffrey Manufacturing.

So why have I been so involved with Waste Water Treatment? It is the most consistent industry in the New York metro area. People will never stop flushing the toilet! I have been able to get every company I have ever worked for or with to become Specified Vendors for the City of New York.

Gebhart Industrial Sales has products in every major Waste Water Facility in the City of New York.

My 42 years of experience in the Waste Water Business has been primarily in dealing with rectangular clarifiers, water screens and horizontal floculators. Chains, sprockets, steel and accessories are all used in the products noted above.


I have been instrumental in writing and updating the technical specifications for all the following products:

Allied-Locke Industries

  • Chains – all flight chains including stainless steel and non-metallic chain
  • Steel Components – every steel component inside the tank

Brewton Ironworks:

  • Sprockets, wall bearings, collars, etc.
  • Cast iron hubs, UHMW sprocket rims
  • UHMW sprockets

Craft Bearings:

  • Bearings out of water, split pillow blocks

Regal Beloit – Foote Jones / Hub City:

  • Drive packages


  • Clutches for the Waste Water Industry


  • Chain tensioners


If you are interested in any of the above products or product specifications, please contact me today!

Environmental Products

Every product line that we represent is used in waste water treatment plants.


  • North Jersey
  • 12 Northern Counties
  • 5 Boroughs of New York City
  • All of Long Island
  • All of Westchester County

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